Rich spouse in astrology

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This analysis is very important. If your first house is strong you can pursue your career as you will be healthy and talented. The 7th house of your horoscope indicates to your partner.

Wealth and Rise post marriage

If any malefic planet occupies your 7th house then your life partner will trouble you and your marital life will not be smooth. However the most important house in this case is the 8th house, as it is the second house from the 7th house and it indicates accumulated wealth. Hence the 8th house can suggest that how much money you will get from your partner and in-laws. The importance of second house in the natal chart cannot be ignored for judging your rise post marriage.

If auspicious planets are occupying the second house and the lord of the second house is well placed in your chart there is a strong possibility that your husband will be wealthy. He will have the financial stability to help you in your career. To indicate when you will gain these supports we need to judge the disposition of the planets in Navamsha division and in Vimshottari Dasa.

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On the other hand, if inauspicious and malefic planets are associated with the second house or the lord of the second house is in combustion with ill factors then the native will lose money after marriage. Their spouse will struggle to retain the financial stability they had before they got married. Progress in career will be halted. Career Prediction. If the lord of the seventh house is well placed then it can indicate financial gains through your partner.

But the effects can vary with other compositions in your horoscope. For example, if your seventh lord is occupying the zodiac of your eleventh house lord, your partner will share his income with you but in case if your seventh lord is placed in your 3rd house then you cannot expect any monetary help from your partner.

Rich Wife/husband in astrology

However, as every coin has two sides, the other side of the 8th house is the house of ancestral gains. Inheritance is also possible from In-laws via a rich spouse. The 10th house is the house that indicates power and control. Therefore, many times, it happens that people may not have money in their hands, but manage their finances remotely.

Therefore, this house is also checked for Money Astrology Forecast and to know the money problem solution by astrologer.

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Want to grow in your career? Lal Kitab Horoscope There's a myriad of problems in our life, with some ranging from mild ones that have made a home for themselves in the back of our mind, to the ones who have earned the top spot in our list. Ahoi Ashtami What is Libra like when in love? No Thanks Get this offer. Get Offer. Subscribe Now. Download our Free Apps. Fulfillment in marriage life and gains after marriage cannot be ruled out. The native fortunes rise after marriage and there is harmony and trust in the relationship.

However if the 7 th lord in the ninth house is a malefic planet, then natives partner will be of dominating type, harsh and authoritative. The native may be on the move and stay less at home. The native will get a devoted, loyal and faithful spouse. If it is a male horoscope then strong chances that the wife would be working and contributing to the household expenses.

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She will help in advancement of the career of the native. If the malefic like Rahu, Saturn aspect the 10 th house the spouse would be over ambitious, materialistic and spendthrift in nature. The native will have a beautiful, affectionate, good character life partner. The spouse will hail from a rich and affluent family and bring in wealth and luck.

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If there is affliction to the 11 th house and also to the Venus the significator of marriage, then more than one marriage will be there. The native will have relationship with many members of the opposite sex. The native may marry more than one time. The spouse will be spendthrift type and result in accumulating expenses for the native.

This is not a good position for the 7 th lord to be in. If planets like Mercury or Saturn aspect or posited in the 12 th house, the spouse may be impotent or not interested in sex. If the 7 th house receives aspects from Rahu and Mars the spouse may be perverted, oversexed and may spend lot of money on sexual pleasure. Who is the 7th lord by default. We then can review our janam patri verifying impacts with the help of your guidelines. Ramesh Ji, 7th house is the house for spouse and marriage.

In the above graphic it is indicated with an arrow. It is the house for partnership be it marriage or business partnership. You may Ask your question in the Astrology Forum.

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Place of birth mumbai Sir he is desperate to marry her Please tell me the remedies so that we can live happily together My dob is I want to know when will I get married? Any chance of settling abroad for work or may be after marriage? Looking at your horoscope we see that Leo sign is in the 7th house which is the prime house of marriage. Therefore your wife would be highly independent, lot of energy, active, modern thinking. She can be dominating and also stubborn.

Sun is conjoined with 8th lord Mercury in the 11th house. Which is not good. Venus the karka for wife is also in the in the 11th house which is not good. There are indication of more than 1 marriage in your horoscope. Therefore you should do proper matching of the horoscopes before marriage. Hi sir.. I want to know about my venus dasha.

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