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Aries are born leaders and with their natural charm and charisma they inspire others with their honesty and outgoing and cheerful manner. Aries are not known for having patience and can be abrupt with a show of arrogance.

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They forget that others have their own opinions that can differ from theirs and when this happens they can become stubborn and intolerant. In love they are passionate and expect their mate to be the same way so their best bet would be to be with another fire sign.

While Geminis and Virgos will analyze and think a problem through before acting on it, Aries wants to do something about it now. They are quick decision makers and are not afraid of confrontations. In fact they expect them. They have a lot of energy and are very independent. Aries will insist upon being the leader in their home. Arians are never depressed or down for long.

They bounce back quickly with a new attitude and bright outlook. Deception and lies are foreign to the Ram and they hate being ignored. While Arians can be tactless at times, they also can be very warm and generous. That is best left up to someone else. They will fight for any injustice and are fearless about voicing their opinions no matter who it is that has them so upset.

When it comes to love Aries are attracted to people that are different from them, they can be tactless and diplomatic skills are not usually part of their makeup, so they look for these qualities in a mate. Aries are however very honest with loads of integrity and they are people you can lean on and they are there for others.

That alone can be a great comfort to others.

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The first sign of the zodiac, Aries, is the explorer and the instigator. Aries has many traits that make them admirable. They have courage, and a real talent for trying new things. They are natural born leaders, often capable of climbing to great heights, and are usually full of optimism and self confidence. Some of the less favorable traits include, aggressiveness, and hot tempers. They tend to try to start too many projects, leaving others to finish them while they begin yet another. Occasionally they talk too much for their own good. The ruling planet for Aries is Mars.

As a Cardinal sign, you are active, excitable, and dynamic.

As a fire sign, you are full of enthusiasm, and energy. Unfortunately they are also prone to injuries there as well. Birthstones for astrology are different from traditional birthstones for the months. For Aries, your birthstone is diamond, and it is reputed that if you wear one on the left side of your body it will bring love and financial success.

Aries is a fire sign, so they're full of energy and passion. It's practically impossible for an Aries to sit still. They love being physical and must be in on the action at all times.

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Their fiery personality type does have its downsides, as Aries can often be seen as arrogant and aggressive. Many mistake the Aries 'can do' attitude as them having a huge ego. Although this can be true, Aries just see it as having what it takes to be an innovator. And don't even think about getting into it with an Aries! They will always have the last word. Just like with everything else in their lives, they will forever be the winner in any argument.

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Aries aren't afraid to show determination in every aspect of their lives, so don't be surprised when you find that an Aries is just as passionate about what they do in their free time as they are in the boardroom. Aries are fiercely independent. They have no problem whatsoever carving their own path and not looking back to see if anyone's following, though they'll often have many followers since their personalities are so captivating and their excitement is contagious. Aries make excellent friends.

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They protect the ones they care for and their tenacity for life serves as an inspiration, encouraging others to live life to the fullest. As you might guess, Aries can't stand taking orders from anyone. They prefer to be the one who always gives the orders, which can result in them getting moody if they can't get their way.

It won't last long though, as an Aries will somehow find a way to turn things in their favor. Because an Aries is a fire sign, they're known for their independence and unrivaled vigor. They need someone who can keep up with them and give them the passion they so desperately require, but they also want someone who will respect their freedom.

This is why a Gemini is the ultimate astrological match for an Aries when it comes to relationships. Much like Aries, Geminis love a good romance as long as it promises to be exciting and different. Neither sign is shy when it comes to indulging in their wildest fantasies, which means time in the bedroom is sure to never be dull or boring, and that's exactly what an Aries is looking for.

Gemini is always up for a good challenge and will never fail to throw a few surprises towards their beloved Aries, which only makes that passionate Aries crave them even more. Most importantly, the Gemini understands the Aries need for freedom and their own separate space.

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